Terms of Use

The name of this website and its program names have nothing to do with any related or same name of any company, organization, or person except for the owner of this website. The owner of this website does not belong to any company, any corporation, any organization, or group of people with the same or similar name. Any same or similar name to any product, trademark, copyright, company, corporation, organization, or group of people is merely coincidental if such a thing exists. No money is being made by anything on this website.

The use of this website or its QB64 programming code or any files or programs related to it on this website are the sole responsibility of its user. The owner of this website holds no responsibility to any damage, money loss, or any problems caused by it. Use of this code makes you, the user, a programmer in the sense that you are using this to create a program.

The owner of this website holds no responsibility and has no professional ties with QB64.org or its users. It is a BASIC programming type language that teaches people how to program as a first level programmer.

The user (you) does have the right to use any of the programming code on this website to do what they wish with it, except for selling the complete programs. Feel free to use the code any way you wish to. But if you are making a program that costs money, do not use more than half of the working code on each program from this website directly. Of course you can learn each and every line and develop your own skills for writing your own lines of code. Which is the intention of this website to begin with. Thank you and have fun!